The Original 

Brownie, Vanilla Ice Cream, Cookie, Chocolate Sauce, Toppings 

Biscoff Bad Boy 

Brownie, Biscoff Ice Cream, Lotus Biscuits, Salted Caramel Sauce, Toppings 

Praline Party 

Brownie, Nutella Ice Cream, Kinder Bueno, Ferrero Roche, Nutella Sauce, Toppings 

Espress’Yo Self 

Brownie, Mascarpone Ice Cream, Sponge Fingers, Amaretti, Coffee Sauce, Toppings 

Banana Bombshell 

Brownie, Banoffee Ice Cream, Cookie, Chocolate Sauce, Toppings 

Mint Condition 

Brownie, Mint Ice cream, Mint Aero Pieces, Chocolate Sauce, Toppings 

Custard & Cream 

Brownie, Crème Patisserie, Vanilla Ice Cream, Custard Creams, Custard Sauce, Chocolate Sauce, Toppings 

The Vegan Hero’ (Vg) (N) (Gf) 

Vegan Chocolate Brownie, Vegan Ice Cream, Honeycomb Shards, Chocolate Sauce, Toppings 
Weddings: Some dishes are slightly more per head than the rest of the menu. 
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