The Brownie Boss came into physical life in early 2018, however, the idea behind it had been in the mind of owner Oli Ashworth for much longer. 
Having left a job in sales to return to his chef roots in 2016, whilst doing a masters at University College Birmingham, the idea of dessert based street food combined with a complete love of all things brownies seemed a natural fit. We look forward to seeing you at an event soon! 


Now the history was nice and all, but we should probably explain what we actually do here. Its fairly simple, we combine our brownies, which we think are pretty great, with an ice cream, sauce, crunchy toppings and other various bits of foodie goodness. All of which is made back at Brownie HQ and it turns into what we hope is one of the best desserts youll ever try! 

Some Legal Bits 

Whilst every effort is made to reduce cross contamination, all our products are made in the same kitchen and because of this we cannot guarantee that traces of nuts, gluten or other allergens will not be present in our food. Please get in touch if you have more questions. 
The Brownie Boss is the trading name of The Brownie Bus Limited. 
Both The Brownie Boss & The Brownie Bus are trademarks owned by Oliver Ashworth, any unauthorised use of these names is prohibited. 
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